Complete Expansion Pack

ID Name Short Name Expansion Size Link
71 The Plane of Sky airplane classic 561.63KB Download
55 Ak'Anon akanon classic 284.97KB Download
77 The Arena arena classic 844.37KB Download
36 Befallen befallen classic 131.33KB Download
16 The Gorge of King Xorbb beholder classic 617.69KB Download
17 Blackburrow blackburrow classic 219.12KB Download
68 Butcherblock Mountains butcher classic 8.37MB Download
70 Dagnor's Cauldron cauldron classic 2.83MB Download
48 Temple of Cazic-Thule cazicthule classic 419.86KB Download
408 The Commonlands commonlands classic 7.87MB Download
58 Clan Crushbone crushbone classic 334.36KB Download
15 Then Eastern Plains of Karana eastkarana classic 2.79MB Download
24 Erudin erudnext classic 432.5KB Download
23 Erudin Palace erudnint classic 170.71KB Download
30 Everfrost Peaks everfrost classic 8.48MB Download
72 The Plane of Fear fearplane classic 1.92MB Download
47 The Feerrott feerrott classic 3.96MB Download
61 Northern Felwithe felwithea classic 410.54KB Download
62 Southern Felwithe felwitheb classic 218.9KB Download
998 The Forgotten Halls fhalls classic 238.92KB Download
10 East Freeport freporte classic 649.41KB Download
8 North Freeport freportn classic 298.48KB Download
9 West Freeport freportw classic 513.99KB Download
54 The Greater Faydark gfaydark classic 4.18MB Download
52 Grobb grobb classic 212.68KB Download
66 The Ruins of Old Guk gukbottom classic 357.41KB Download
65 The City of Guk guktop classic 270.86KB Download
29 Halas halas classic 238.62KB Download
76 The Plane of Hate hateplane classic 1.07MB Download
186 The Plane of Hate hateplaneb classic 1.47MB Download
6 High Keep highkeep classic 132.42KB Download
407 Highpass Hold highpasshold classic 814.97KB Download
39 The Ruins of Old Paineel hole classic 597.26KB Download
413 Innothule Swamp innothuleb classic 12.63MB Download
181 Jaggedpine Forest jaggedpine classic 9.16MB Download
60 South Kaladim kaladima classic 84.57KB Download
67 North Kaladim kaladimb classic 102.76KB Download
64 Kedge Keep kedge classic 184.37KB Download
20 Kithicor Forest kithicor classic 4.49MB Download
51 Lake Rathetear lakerathe classic 3.47MB Download
27 The Lavastorm Mountains lavastorm classic 3.77MB Download
57 The Lesser Faydark lfaydark classic 3.43MB Download
59 The Castle of Mistmoore mistmoore classic 310.76KB Download
415 Misty Thicket mistythicket classic 8.32MB Download
44 Najena najena classic 107.07KB Download
182 Nedaria's Landing nedaria classic 3.93MB Download
25 Nektulos Forest nektulos classic 2.84MB Download
40 Neriak - Foreign Quarter neriaka classic 144.75KB Download
41 Neriak - Commons neriakb classic 169.22KB Download
42 Neriak - Third Gate neriakc classic 306.99KB Download
13 The Northern Plains of Karana northkarana classic 2.89MB Download
392 North Desert of Ro northro classic 6.12MB Download
34 The Northern Desert of Ro nro classic 3.57MB Download
409 The Ocean of Tears oceanoftears classic 9.28MB Download
49 Oggok oggok classic 305.82KB Download
75 Paineel paineel classic 499.84KB Download
18 The Lair of the Splitpaw paw classic 287.37KB Download
73 Permafrost Keep permafrost classic 329.04KB Download
45 The Qeynos Aqueduct System qcat classic 99.9KB Download
12 The Western Plains of Karana qey2hh1 classic 5.11MB Download
1 South Qeynos qeynos classic 416.9KB Download
2 North Qeynos qeynos2 classic 281.56KB Download
4 Qeynos Hills qeytoqrg classic 1.8MB Download
3 Surefall Glade qrg classic 218.37KB Download
50 The Rathe Mountains rathemtn classic 6.98MB Download
19 Rivervale rivervale classic 208.81KB Download
11 The Liberated Citadel of Runnyeye runnyeye classic 196.41KB Download
31 Solusek's Eye soldunga classic 210.88KB Download
32 Nagafen's Lair soldungb classic 217.38KB Download
278 The Caverns of Exile soldungc classic 541.91KB Download
80 The Temple of Solusek Ro soltemple classic 44.74KB Download
14 The Southern Plains of Karana southkarana classic 4.23MB Download
393 South Desert of Ro southro classic 8.63MB Download
448 The Steamfont Mountains steamfontmts classic 10.22MB Download
414 Toxxulia Forest toxxulia classic 19.32MB Download
63 The Estate of Unrest unrest classic 450.36KB Download