Complete Expansion Pack

ID Name Short Name Expansion Size Link
365 Corathus Creep corathus dodh 1.52MB Download
366 Sporali Caverns corathusa dodh 201.83KB Download
367 Corathus Lair corathusb dodh 502.78KB Download
354 The Hive drachnidhive dodh 3.79MB Download
355 The Hatchery drachnidhivea dodh 202.31KB Download
356 The Cocoons drachnidhiveb dodh 101.34KB Download
357 The Queen's Lair drachnidhivec dodh 33.26KB Download
351 Dreadspire Keep dreadspire dodh 2.43MB Download
362 The Undershore eastkorlach dodh 5.08MB Download
363 Snarlstone Dens eastkorlacha dodh 283.92KB Download
347 Ruins of Illsalin illsalin dodh 3.91MB Download
348 Illsalin Marketplace illsalina dodh 88.15KB Download
349 Temple of the Korlach illsalinb dodh 863.7KB Download
350 The Nargilor Pits illsalinc dodh 285.22KB Download
368 Shadowed Grove nektulosa dodh 47.72KB Download
364 Shadowspine shadowspine dodh 417.28KB Download
358 Stoneroot Falls westkorlach dodh 5.79MB Download
359 Chambers of Xill westkorlacha dodh 482KB Download
360 Caverns of the Lost westkorlachb dodh 295.56KB Download
361 Lair of the Korlach westkorlachc dodh 305.45KB Download