Complete Expansion Pack

ID Name Short Name Expansion Size Link
757 The Breeding Grounds breedinggrounds rof 3.29MB Download
760 Chapterhouse of the Fallen chapterhouse rof 556.96KB Download
763 Chelsith Reborn chelsithreborn rof 3.04MB Download
756 The Crystal Caverns: Fragment of Fear crystalshard rof 386.06KB Download
755 East Wastes: Zeixshi-Kar's Awakening eastwastesshard rof 8.53MB Download
758 Evantil, the Vile Oak eviltree rof 14.64MB Download
759 Grelleth's Palace, the Chateau of Filth grelleth rof 5.55MB Download
765 Heart of Fear: The Threshold heartoffear rof 17.75MB Download
768 Heart of Fear: The Rebirth heartoffearb rof 2.07MB Download
769 Heart of Fear: The Epicenter heartoffearc rof 631.33KB Download
754 Kael Drakkel: The King's Madness kaelshard rof 1.83MB Download
766 Evantil's Abode phinteriortree rof 40.53KB Download
764 Plane of Shadow poshadow rof 7.56MB Download
752 Shard's Landing shardslanding rof 12.14MB Download
753 Valley of King Xorbb xorbb rof 8.3MB Download