Complete Expansion Pack

ID Name Short Name Expansion Size Link
469 Temple of Bertoxxulous bertoxtemple sod 143.62KB Download
470 Korafax, Home of the Riders discord sod 3.35MB Download
471 Citadel of the Worldslayer discordtower sod 2.13MB Download
476 Korascian Warrens korascian sod 1.55MB Download
466 Oceangreen Hills oceangreenhills sod 13.56MB Download
467 Oceangreen Village oceangreenvillage sod 9.07MB Download
468 Blackburrow oldblackburrow sod 613.56KB Download
472 Old Bloodfields oldbloodfield sod 6.67MB Download
457 Old Commonlands oldcommons sod 8.56MB Download
474 City of Dranik olddranik sod 5.33MB Download
452 Field of Scale oldfieldofbone sod 11.99MB Download
478 Field of Scale oldfieldofboneb sod 12.12MB Download
453 Kaesora Library oldkaesoraa sod 739.38KB Download
454 Kaesora Hatchery oldkaesorab sod 393.1KB Download
456 Bloody Kithicor oldkithicor sod 14.2MB Download
455 Kurn's Tower oldkurn sod 173.84KB Download
473 Precipice of War precipiceofwar sod 1.98MB Download
477 Rathe Council Chamber rathechamber sod 1.52MB Download
459 The Void thevoida sod 86.49KB Download
460 The Void thevoidb sod 84.55KB Download
461 The Void thevoidc sod 83.8KB Download
462 The Void thevoidd sod 82.48KB Download
463 The Void thevoide sod 86.04KB Download
464 The Void thevoidf sod 82KB Download
465 The Void thevoidg sod 82.35KB Download
475 Toskirakk toskirakk sod 2.69MB Download