Complete Expansion Pack

ID Name Short Name Expansion Size Link
445 Bloodmoon Keep bloodmoon sof 1.19MB Download
449 Crypt of Shade cryptofshade sof 3.79MB Download
446 Crystallos, Lair of the Awakened crystallos sof 2.44MB Download
442 Dragonscale Hills dragonscale sof 16.7MB Download
450 Tinmizer's Wunderwerks dragonscalea sof 60.63KB Download
451 Deepscar's Den dragonscaleb sof 83.46KB Download
787 Gnome Memorial Mountain gnomemtn sof 2.99MB Download
447 The Mechamatic Guardian guardian sof 298.85KB Download
440 Gyrospire Beza gyrospireb sof 1.81MB Download
441 Gyrospire Zeka gyrospirez sof 1.85MB Download
444 Hills of Shade hillsofshade sof 8.89MB Download
443 Loping Plains lopingplains sof 38.06MB Download
437 Meldrath's Majestic Mansion mansion sof 535.58KB Download
436 Fortress Mechanotus mechanotus sof 4.16MB Download
439 S.H.I.P. Workshop shipworkshop sof 1.18MB Download
438 The Steam Factory steamfactory sof 1.4MB Download